Series 1Edit

The N13 model Nissan EXA first appeared in 1987. It sold for around $29,000 AUD.

It was powered by the all new CA16DE power plant - a double overhead camshaft, 16 valve, EFI 1.6 litre (as it proudly proclaimed on the sticker on the side of the car). Unfortunately the CA16DE's that made their way to North America and Australia/New Zealand had a lower compression than their Japanese counterparts (resulting in less power and torque) and never got their rear disk brakes either.

Compared to other Japanese car manufacturer's offerings it didn't fare so well, it was roughly this time the Honda CRX and Toyota MR2 entered the sports car market.

Engine: CA16DE
Brakes: Rear Drum, Front Disc

Series 2Edit

Nissan quickly released the EXA with the Series II in 1988. Sporting a slightly larger motor, the CA18DE (1.8L), power and torque were more inline with the rest of the field. The interior got an upgrade with new cloth trim, but sadly the rear-drum brakes remained.

Engine: CA18DE
Brakes: Rear Drum, Front Disc

Series 3Edit

The final N13 series was the Series III. It received the rear-disc brakes it was begging for, the interior once again got a revamp with new adjustable head-rest front seats.

Engine: CA18DE
Brakes: Rear Disc, Front Disc


The Solaire did not stray far from the standard Series 3 configuration, however featured 5-spoke alloys wheels, and 'Solaire' decals and pinstriping along the side of the car. Many of these also came with factory power windows

Grand Prix EditionEdit

In celebration of the Australian Grand Prix, Nissan Australia released the Grand Prix Edition Nissan EXA. Roughly 500 were made and were each individually numbered.

Kodak EXAEdit

Kodak Australia in conjunction with Nissan Australia produced a small number of 'Kodak EXAs', all of which were factory painted in a pearlescent yellow.

Hatch OptionsEdit

One of the unique features of the N13 EXA was the ability to completely remove the rear hatch. The provided a couple of options to the standard metal and glass hatch.

Standard HatchEdit

The factory standard hatch lid features a intergrated spoiler with break light and glass rear window with demisting capability. Three contact points along the rear edge of the boot provide power to the lights and demister. Series 1 model hatch lids were painted grey, where later Series 2 and Series 3 EXAs had body coloured lids.


This was a soft canvas covering with vinyl rear window. there atwo versions of these the Austrailian version and the Jap spec version.


A fibreglass and glass, 'wagon' like hatch could be fitted to allow a much larger volume within the rear of the car.